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An excerpt from an April 27, 2000 interview with author, poet, essayist and critic June Jordan at the New York State Writers Institute (


the space is different.
the s p a c e
is different.
s different
th e
sp a ce
is  d if ferent.

the  space   is    different.

[                       ]

…and open.        o p e n. 

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i dreamt i was tangoing with
you, you held me so close
we were like the singing coming off the drums.
you made me squeeze muscles
lean back on the sound
of corpuscles sliding in blood.
i heard my thighs singing.

- Sonia Sanchez

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“They say we were meant to lose something in order to find that which is truer. And that which we find may well be that which we have lost but which is found on a different day, when we have changed. And that which we have lost and found differently may well now be the magic stone with which we can, in greater readiness, continue our unending journey.”

~ Ben Okri, Starbook

Dr. Maya Angelou: The Power of Words

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