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Another Morning With Darius, 2013. John Edmonds


Compendium: Selected Works By David Ibata // The Median, Washington, D.C., March 2014

photo © Danielle Scruggs

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Missed the opening reception on 3/22? Fret not. Email us at to schedule an appointment to see David’s work. 

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Don’t let it be loneliness
that kills us.
If we must die
on the front line
let us die men
loved by both sexes.

Don’t let it be envy
that drives us
to suck our thumbs
or shoot each other dead
over snake eyes.

Let us not be dancing
with the wind
on heavy corners
tattered by doom.

Let us not accept
partial justice.
If we believe our lives
are priceless
we can’t be conquered.

If we must die
on the front line
don’t let loneliness
kill us.

essex hemphill, heavy corners (for joe). (via black-poetry)

In Performance: ‘Choir Boy’

Tarell Alvin McCraney’s new play features the spiritual “Motherless Child,” sung by the cast members Kyle Beltran, Wallace Smith, Jeremy Pope, Nicholas L. Ashe and Grantham Coleman.

We don’t do well with polarity; if it’s gritty, it’s got to be dirty. If it’s glossy, it’s got to be clean. No, that’s not how we operate; while our life is dirty and gritty, we always try to keep it clean. Our parents’ and our grandparents’ generations are great examples of that.


“Foraging (asphixia version)”

Photograph, 2008

William Pope.L

Closer to my heart I - V (2005) | Only half the picture
Zanele Muholi 

Lambda print
600 x 800mm
edition of 8 + 2AP