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'The Geography of Poetry' by Assotto Saint

for ntozake shange

ntozake shange
i looked you up
among the poets at barnes & noble
but i didn’t find you

walt was there amidst leaves of grass
anne gazed down
her glazed eyes dreamt of rowing mercy
erica posed in her latest erotica
even rod took much space
i searched among ghosts
& those alive
i couldn’t find you

i asked the clerk
if he had kept you tied down in boxes
or does he use your books as dart boards
he smirked then shouted “she’s in the black section
in the back”
even literature has its ghettos

stacked amongst langston, nikki, & countee
maya who looked mad
the blues had her bad
zake tell me
did you demand to be segregated
"does color modify poetry"
i asked the manager

he patted me on my head
"it’s always been this way" 

assotto saint
spells of a voodoo doll: the poems, fiction, essays and plays of assotto saint
pp. 27 - 28 

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early birthday present #2.

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Through poetry and playwriting I go to the limits of my being to forever discover the essence of rebirth within. I explore the world and how it closes in on itself with its prejudices. My poems and plays are weapons and blessings that I use to liberate myself, to validate our realities as gay black men, and to elucidate the human struggle. What better place to celebrate this movement than on the page and on the stage

Assotto Saint. “Why I Write.” Spells of a Voodoo Doll. New York: Masquerade, 1996. 8. Print. (via stetx)
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I don’t ever want to show anyone my physical and psychological wounds and scars without telling them what caused me to hurt, what it will take to heal me, and what collectively and responsibly should be done to prevent similar injuries from ever happening, again - for me or to others

Assotto Saint

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