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(2014 SUBMISSION GUIDELINES will be available Fall 2013)

The HGM Queer Artist of Color Booking & Management Program’s mission is to support emerging and established queer artists of color working across a range of media platforms. HGM will work exclusively with artists whose work examines, explores, and critiques issues at the intersections of race, gender, and sexuality.

HGM provides booking and management services at a reduced rate for a one year contract cycle for the artist while also teaching key booking and management skills to strengthen the sustainability of the artist during their career. 


HGM-BM: Booking & Management services for the Artist and a Completed work. 

HGM-B: Booking Services for a Completed Work by the Artist. 

HGM-M: Individual Management for the Artist.

*this has been in the works for a while now. lot of quiet planning and moves made to make this happen and now we are up & running!

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The Black homosexual is hard pressed to gain audience among his heterosexual brothers; even if he is more talented, he is inhibited by his silence or his admissions. This is what the race has depended on in being able to erase homosexuality from our recorded history. The “chosen” history. But these sacred constructions of silence are futile excersises in denial. We will not go away with our issues of sexuality. We are coming home.

Essex Hemphill. Loyalty. Ceremonies: Prose and Poetry. (via soadatnewschool)

(via soadatnewschool)

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I am extremely excited to present a GAQ feature interview and photo spread with incredible photographer and artist, Sophia Wallace. Wallace merges narrative, documentary, fashion, and performance strategies to create dialogue around notions of gender and identity.  And it’s beautiful work. Perhaps the most striking thing about Wallace’s work for me is her ability to create imagery as crisp and fashion-forward as those in your latest issue of Vogue, while simultaneously offering cultural commentary and bringing thought provoking themes to the fore.  

I asked Wallace some questions about her work, her process and the ideas behind it all. Click the photo for the entire spread, or click HERE to download. 

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{please please consider donating or at least spreading the word about this. anybody who is a queer person of color understands how vital this person’s work is to the visibility of qpocs and especially qpocs of african descent} 

Laura Reynolds

Tue, 15 May 2012 10:52:52 GMT

An award winning photographer who has devoted her working life to documenting the lives of black lesbians has had five years worth of her work stolen.

 Zanele Muholi, described by the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa as “one of the country’s foremost artists”, had more than 20 external hard drives stolen from her flat in Vredehoek, Cape Town on April 20.

The hard drives contain stills and video footage, including photos from the funerals of victims of homophobic hate crimes. It is thought that the burglars were targeting Muholi’s work, as little else was taken from her flat, and back up hard drives were also taken.

Muholi’s partner Liesl Theron, with whom she shares the flat, said that her possessions were left untouched, except for a laptop which was stolen, further fuelling belief that Muholi was the intended target of the crime.

The work taken had been captured across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Malawi, according to the Cape Times. Also stolen was work due to be shown at an exhibition in July, which Muholi believes she will now have to cancel.

Despite the volume of work stolen and the imminence of the planned exhibition, Muholi’s plight has been largely ignored by the media. It is believed that the lack of publicity is due to the nature of her work, which shows a different side to the black lesbian community than that usually represented in the mainstream media.

“I’m not myself. I can’t even sleep at night since I’ve heard about the burglary,” the devastated Muholi told DIVA. She has appealed for anyone who knows the whereabouts of the hard drives to return them.

Queer photographer Del LaGrace Volcano said of the theft; “Zanele’s work is, in my not so humble opinion, some of the most important work being produced, not just in Africa, but anywhere. I consider her a dear friend and mourn the loss of her archive as if it were my own.”

Zanele’s supporters are fundraising to help her replace the stolen equipment. Donations can be made online atIndieGoGo.

The investigation into the burglary is ongoing, according to a police spokesperson.

colored queer waters: Anonymous asked: why is it so important that you shout from the rooftops about being queer? who you sleep with does not... ›


wow….how this is loaded with fail. SUCH extreme fail where do i begin.

  1. equating my self identification as being queer with who i sleep with is extremely problematic. sexual orientation/identity is not just to signal to others who you sleep with, but who you are inclined to build family, friends and community with. the notion that being queer is to let people know about my sex life is a tragic misnomer perpetuated by people whose understanding of identity based communities around sexuality is inherently limited. i suggest you educate yourself on the socio-political history of queer identities before you attempt to insinuate that my openness about my sexuality is to let people know who i’m bouncing around the bed-frame with 
  2. your assumption i’m putting queer as the foremost identifying factor is patently false. yes, its one of the first things that i list about myself on my blog description, but its wrong to infer that because its listed first that somehow its the foremost identifyer about myself. if somebody listed that they stan harry potter and Josh Whedon first on their blog chances are they aren’t listing that information on a passport application or other spaces/venues where it fundamentally isn’t relevant. you talk about the identities important to you in the spaces which allow for it, but chances the order you list them in doesn’t mark importance nor how those things play a role in life outside of tumblr. 
  3. so i’m supposed to care that you don’t find me interesting because i shout my sexuality to the rooftops and in your narrow mind that means i must have the personality of peeling, mouldy wallpaper? the earth under my feet is supposed to be drastically moved? or i suppose my feelings are suppose to be hurt because {DRAMATIC GASP} LLAWWD HAAVE MMURRCCYYY I IS QUEER AND THAT JUS MEANS AINT SHIT INTTURESSTTIINNG ABOUT MY LIFE OR MY PERSONALITY. yeah sorry son, i’m not the one. never have been, never will be. 
  4. you not understanding is probably on a long list of personal short-comings. and what you don’t understand is once again, not really my concern so much as it is a personal problem which only you can work. To paraphrase Smokey the Bear, only you can rectify what you fail to understand.   

if my flagrant gayness really wretches at your core to the point of discomfort similar to experiencing hemorrhoids, then please refrain from navigating my stream, hop off, and go stargaze from outside! 



-writer, educator and lesbian Black feminist activist
-wrote After Mecca—-Women Poets and the Black Arts Movement and contributed to This Bridge Called My Back
-Current Director of Diverse Community Affairs and Lesbian/Gay Concerns at Rutgers University
-Member of the Board of Directors of the Newark Pride Alliance

Queer People of Color Speak OUT: Zine Compilation of Writings by Queer and Trans People of Color! ›


new blog for the new zine idea! let there be submissions! this page has NOTHIN’ yet, but needs some lovely followers and some lovely submissions to make it possible! reblog far and wide! here are the guidelines for the zine:

* writings/art/photos should pertain to your experience as a queer/trans person of color, however that manifests itself for you (talking about body relations/body politic/image, relationships, your experience w/ allyship or your personal list of ally-tips(these are really fun to write!), coming out, your gender experience, cultural intersections(!!!), anything else you can think of that would pertain to the qpoc experience. *

interested in sharing a piece of writing? a piece of art that can be reproduced in 2D format? 

submit here, or email (@laborreguita)

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