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Another Morning With Darius, 2013. John Edmonds

Reading clouds beyond the road
I calculate our distance, survey
the space between our clothes
where rising curves and mountain
tug for air, touch, release.

You drive to the hairpin slope,
hesitate, turn up and in. We ride
on every naked fear you have
and discover that men like us
are not all granite, shale,
deceptive quartz, or
glittering layers of mica.

From here you see the whole world
differently: brownskin,
tufts of black grass.
And many times I have given myself
to summits like these.
Ride in, ride high.
Ride until the clouds break.

You will learn to read rain. You will
follow the white gravel it leaves.

melvin dixon, getting your rocks off. (via black-poetry)

the friend
reginald shepherd
november 92 - poetry magazine


We have to consciously study how to be tender with each other until it becomes a habit because what was native has been stolen from us. - Audre Lorde #houseofbaldwin #familia #twisting | photo: Marfuh

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I respond to urgency, to a sense of felt necessity, to passion.

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'when i or else' by june jordan

when I or else when you
and I or we
deliberate I lose I
cannot choose if you if
we then near or where
unless I stand as loser
of that losing possibility
that something that I have
or always want more than much
more at
least to have as less and
yes directed by desire

june jordan
directed by desire: the collected poems of june jordan' by june jodan
pp. 39-40

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We are communities engaged in a fragile coexistence if we are anything at all. Our most significant coalitions have been created in the realm of sex. What is most clear for Black gay men is this: we have to do for ourselves *now*, and for one another *now*, what no one has ever done for us. We have to be there for one another and trust less the adhesions of kisses and semen to bind us. Our only sure guarantee of survival is that which we construct from our own self determination.

Essex Hemphill, Does Your Mama Know About Me?, printed in Ceremonies (via tgstonebutch)