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Title: Night Train Artist: Kerkko Koskinen Orchestra 9 plays

song: night train
artist: kerkko koskinen orchestra
album: trains & letters

1 month ago on 09/03/14 at 06:30pm

mat johns

kiss follows one night in the lives of loner rob and sex-worker charlotte - two strangers who come together because of an odd request. kiss is a film about not knowing, about risks, and about unseen truths.

1 month ago on 09/02/14 at 08:21pm
Title: In The Red Artist: Ryuichi Sakamoto 19 plays

song: in the red
artist: ryuichi sakamoto
album: out of noise

a little lost but…

…i’ll be alright.

1 month ago on 09/02/14 at 07:38pm
Title: All Yours Artist: Submotion Orchestra 69 plays

song: all yours
artist: submotion orchestra
album: finest hour

'…but you fail to see.'

7 months ago on 03/20/14 at 07:30pm

dynamics of the subway

each note from the instruments is represented by a geometric shape in the animation; while these shapes move in sync with the song, they also form the parts that create the subway itself.

7 months ago on 03/16/14 at 10:37pm

song: “breathe” on my contacts
artist: tokimonsta