Compendium: Selected Works By David Ibata // The Median, Washington, D.C., March 2014

photo © Danielle Scruggs

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Missed the opening reception on 3/22? Fret not. Email us at ddaycollective@gmail.com to schedule an appointment to see David’s work. 

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Title: Inflatedbyspinning Artist: Ambrose Akinmusire 61 plays

song: inflatedbyspinning
artist: ambrose akinmusire
album: the imagined savior is far easier to paint

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'serious moonlight' by essex hemphill

In between love affairs
I stopped worrying about
my peculiar loneliness.
I don’t search for reason or blame.
I don’t worry that men come
and go through my life
wounded by my hand,
accomplices sometimes
to my own self-inflicted injuries.

I try not to worry too much
because Black men die too frequently
from strokes as fatal as hammer blows.
My hair is growing thin,
my stomach a little weak and nervous.
I have only tired once to kill myself,
but I was too young to understand
how to die.
So nothing happened
when I held my breath.
I’m still here hanging on
refusing to be intimidated. 

I worry about this planet,
this human wilderness.
What is called “advanced civilization”
means we are all closer to death.

I worry about the tempers
between men who build bombs.
Men who seek different satisfactions
and collide.
Their collision would mean the end of life
as I come out of the morning subway
unaware their tempers flared
between Dupont Circle
and Judiciary Square.

I worry about melting down.
catching man-made diseases
in the bus stations,
being a suspect because I live in South East,
because I’m the same color as the assailant,
the thief, the night,
because i think the street boat
will take me home
but it takes me out,
because I want everything to look lovely
I take a toke or two,
because PCP makes me do wild things,
makes me think I’m a white man
so I kill, steal, and thrill myself,
but I’m too dark to escape the consequences,
I’m too proud to imitate a beast.

I don’t worry about
where my next love is gonna come from.
It will sneak up on me
and rape me in the serious moonlight.

Essex Hemphill
In The Life: A Black Gay Anthology’ (Edited by Joseph Beam)
pp. 82 - 83

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putty boy strut (black boy mondays) | baltimore | 2012

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Title: All Yours Artist: Submotion Orchestra 69 plays

song: all yours
artist: submotion orchestra
album: finest hour

'…but you fail to see.'

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loose change.

  1. i have found myself walking through my days humming ‘Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered.’ a lot. i guess it’s past time to rewatch The History Boys, huh?
  2. i see you. those same woebegone eyes recorded in that archived still image are ever-present. i just want to hold that little boy’s hand or lie on his floor and record hours of tapes with him. construct buildings and cars from boxes of legos with him or watch as he allows the wind to sweep up his kite into the sunset as whatever locomotive passes under or over the roaring of the city. dance with him so he feels safe to dance, shake and move. to move. to be— never to perform. i just want to listen to and document him singing and reading or even just leave him alone and encourage him to rest or to replenish and build upon the most deliciously ferocious imagination i have ever encountered.  remind him of all that he is— all that i see. all that is to be seen: his entirety. even the pieces he hasn’t discovered yet. or the ones he’s hidden. the ones he has forgotten. show him he’s love[d] and that he is more than enough. remind him that he bleeds more than 18 and deserves to have every crevice, part, and surroundum countums cared for and kissed.  remind him… he’s been trusted to protect me, too. that he’s being trusted. that someone trusts him.

    that someone loves him.

  3. pot liquor.
  4. i haven’t worn my rings most of this week. I haven’t been present most of this week. I am everywhere and nowhere and my pieces are beginning to come undone.
  5. 'it's warmer now…' but winter was so cold. so cold.
  6. *click* *click*
  7. …i see you.

not really loose;
not really change.

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on cinema + time

created for sight & sound magazine // november 2013

a conversation through cinema and time… about cinema and time (with Richard Linklater).

See accompanying text here:


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