Title: Little Person (feat. Deanne Storey) Artist: Jon Brion 63 plays

song: little person
artist: deanne storey
album: synecdoche, new york (original motion picture soundtrack)

'…you're the one i like the best.'

3 months ago on 05/09/14 at 08:58pm

loose change.

  1. my legs are tender.
  2. 'diamonds (live for hunger tv)' by laura mvula has been looping in my head all night
  3. anilingus
  4. i wish i knew what i did.
  5. i’m more than the sections you try to skip ahead to.
  6. i like my body today.
  7. i’m stretching my skin over this drum hoping who ever beats on me has a sense of rhythm.

a nickel and two pennies — all the change i needed today.

We are communities engaged in a fragile coexistence if we are anything at all. Our most significant coalitions have been created in the realm of sex. What is most clear for Black gay men is this: we have to do for ourselves *now*, and for one another *now*, what no one has ever done for us. We have to be there for one another and trust less the adhesions of kisses and semen to bind us. Our only sure guarantee of survival is that which we construct from our own self determination.

Essex Hemphill, Does Your Mama Know About Me?, printed in Ceremonies (via tgstonebutch)

bye baby
directed by ashley smith
danity kane | 2014

i don’t like all the leads
but most of this song really did it for me. a cute little bop.

however (comma)
this video? this video has given me all the life
and i looped this shit for the rest of the day at my desk.

3 months ago on 05/07/14 at 09:00pm

black boy tuesdays | washington, dc | 2014


3 months ago on 05/04/14 at 08:50pm
Title: I Wish You Well Artist: Mariah Carey 59 plays

song: i wish you well
artist: mariah carey
album: e=mc²

letting go…

3 months ago on 05/04/14 at 03:45pm