Another Morning With Darius, 2013. John Edmonds

Because we have crossed the river and the wind offers only a numb uncoiling of cold and we have meekly adapted, no longer expecting more than we have been given, nor wondering how it happened that we came to this place, we don’t mind that nothing turned out as we thought it might. There is no way to clear the haze in which we live, no way to know that we have undergone another day. The silent snow of thought melts before it has a chance to stick. Where we are is unresolved. The gates to nowhere multiply and the present is so far away, so deeply far away.

Mark Strand, “Bury Your Face in Your Hands” (via growing-orbits)

(via jslr)

untitled #70
christie neptune

untitled #70 is a telling story of self discovery and the all encompassing battle between the conscious and subconscious minds. this project is a collaborative effort by visual artist, christie neptune and recording artists sky james and xhris. in a multimedia performance piece, neptune uses video and Image projection to illustrate how our societal constructs cultivates one’s understanding of self. can the “self” survive independently without such constructs? what would those images look like?

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song: track 01
artist: teebs
album: cecilia tapes collection

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loose change.

  1. hot knife continues to move in me despite my gait no longer holding the same pulse as the pounding timpani.
  2. *clap*
  3. when/where the spirit leads you…
  4. cum rags: dripping with spunk and fear. 
  5. "for some reason when you became more human to me and i started to feel more of you, it just got to be a little bit too much for me.
  6. the little boy in me still hasn’t been able to shake camouflagemy nightmares are scored with the ad-libs alone. whispered torment; taunting apparitions.       i haven’t been able to pray without reciting cry.
  7. typewriter keys pounding against abrupt, moaning strings; bold reds and covetous greens— unfailingly swindled out of a mellifluous parting.

rusted coins: still change for goodbye. 

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Fiona Apple—Hot Knife

locating + cultivating:

  • language (words, sounds and rhythm)
  • intent (cause and execution)
  • and courage (bravery in the face of the discomfort and rejection)

in search of/belief in:

  • som e thin g. (the s p a c e s in-between)


  • showing up is the foundation - is a part of the work.
  • you are more than enough: always and forever.
  • do not forget to take the time to: observe, take in, and BE still.
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