Title: I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life Artist: Carmen McRae 12 plays

song: i’m gonna laugh you right out of my life
artist: carmen mcrae
album: bittersweet

3 hours ago on 09/18/14 at 08:33pm

i pray - with a ferocious fervor - that i never become my father.  

i do such intense and uncomfortable emotional work so that i will never see him in my mirror or hear his cruelty in my voice— so that my steps never drag with such septic shame.

i pray he finds the peace he didn’t afford me during my childhood. i pray he finds the peace he wasn’t afforded in his.

3 hours ago on 09/18/14 at 08:12pm
Title: You Don't See Me Artist: Amel Larrieux 26 plays

song: you don’t see me
artist: amel larrieux
album: ice cream everyday

…you walk right by me.

4 days ago on 09/14/14 at 12:00pm

cat rider (poolside remix)
little dragon

stop playing with the one that you love.

This is what your dying looks like.
You believe in the sun. You believe
I don’t love you. Always be closing,
Said our favorite professor before
He let the gun go off in his mouth.
I turned 29 the way any man turns
In his sleep, unaware of the earth
Moving beneath him, its plates in
Their places, a dated disagreement.
Let’s fight it out, baby. You have
Only so long left. A man turns
In his sleep, so I take a picture.
He won’t look at it, of course. It’s
His bad side, his Mr. Hyde, the hole
In a husband’s head, the O
Of his wife’s mouth. Every night,
I take a pill. Miss one, and I’m gone.
Miss two, and we’re through. Hotels
Bore me, unless I get a mountain view,
A room in which my cell won’t work,
And there’s nothing to do but see
The sun go down into the ground
That cradles us as any coffin can.

jericho brown, another elegy. (via black-poetry)
Title: Night Train Artist: Kerkko Koskinen Orchestra 16 plays

song: night train
artist: kerkko koskinen orchestra
album: trains & letters

2 weeks ago on 09/03/14 at 06:30pm