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song: cry.
artist: mariah carey
album: me. i am mariah… the elusive chanteuse 

i should’ve known that you would tire of me…

1 week ago on 07/24/14 at 09:28pm

a map is more unreal than where you’ve been
or how you feel
and it’s impossible to tell
how important someone was
and what you might have missed out on
and how he might have changed it all
and how you might have changed it all for him

Feist, “Intuition”

from The Reminder (2007)

1 week ago on 07/21/14 at 11:11pm
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until the quiet comes
flying lotus

until it does…

3 weeks ago on 07/06/14 at 11:30pm

'when i or else' by june jordan

when I or else when you
and I or we
deliberate I lose I
cannot choose if you if
we then near or where
unless I stand as loser
of that losing possibility
that something that I have
or always want more than much
more at
least to have as less and
yes directed by desire

june jordan
directed by desire: the collected poems of june jordan' by june jodan
pp. 39-40

3 weeks ago on 07/06/14 at 11:07pm

comet, come to me
meshell ndegeocello

trying so hard
so hard
so hard
trying trying so hard
so hard
so hard 
so hard 

3 weeks ago on 07/06/14 at 10:52pm


Watch with whom you share your vulnerabilities. 

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song: bungee
artist: sonnymoon
album: golden age

cut the goddamn cord…

3 weeks ago on 07/06/14 at 10:25pm