Fiona Apple—Hot Knife

locating + cultivating:

  • language (words, sounds and rhythm)
  • intent (cause and execution)
  • and courage (bravery in the face of the discomfort and rejection)

in search of/belief in:

  • som e thin g. (the s p a c e s in-between)


  • showing up is the foundation - is a part of the work.
  • you are more than enough: always and forever.
  • do not forget to take the time to: observe, take in, and BE still.
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pagan poetry | björk
directed by nick knight

…but he makes me want to/ hand myself over.

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f l o a t i n g
greg jardin

2 days ago on 08/25/14 at 07:30pm

Reading clouds beyond the road
I calculate our distance, survey
the space between our clothes
where rising curves and mountain
tug for air, touch, release.

You drive to the hairpin slope,
hesitate, turn up and in. We ride
on every naked fear you have
and discover that men like us
are not all granite, shale,
deceptive quartz, or
glittering layers of mica.

From here you see the whole world
differently: brownskin,
tufts of black grass.
And many times I have given myself
to summits like these.
Ride in, ride high.
Ride until the clouds break.

You will learn to read rain. You will
follow the white gravel it leaves.

melvin dixon, getting your rocks off. (via black-poetry)
Title: Strange Artist: Hidden Orchestra 18 plays

song: strange
artist: hidden orchestra
album: night walks

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so many thoughts. 

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